ReConnect AYM

If you’re like me, you have been busy rescheduling your gatherings for the rest of the year. We’re onto plan C for E-Fest and it’s a beauty! Rather than an E-Fest style camp, which has become increasingly unaffordable for many of our families in 2020, we’re planning a big day out on the Saturday of Labour weekend. Our normal venue, Willowpark Campsite & Conference centre have come to the party and given us a massive discount, which has reduced the cost to $20 pp for a full day of... >> read more

The Abbey Workshops

The amazing team for the Abbey are releasing the workshops from their zoom session "The Abbey: Big Ideas." They dissect all sorts of topics: mental health, social media, sex, bible reading and more! Check out their facebook page for the workshops, the first one available is Spanky Moore's session on The Stones In Our Soil, looking at Kiwi culture and our barriers to mission, with more to come in the following days. >> read more

Diowhodunit Update

As we shift through the lockdown alert levels, we are having to make some changes to some of our events:

We won't be able to run Diowhodunit until we return back to alert level one. So Diowhodunit will be postponed to a later date, we are still keen to see the event happen this year and are looking forward to seeing the hard work St Chad's have put in. Keep an eye out for rescheduled details. >> read more

Revised AYM Calendar

Due to COVID-19, we have had to adjust our calendar for the year. Check out the changes to our events and programs below:
1. We have postponed the start of our BOLD program to February 2021. This will give us time to review our program and recruit a new Coordinator (Hannah will be leaving us at the end of July to start her new family). We will start recruiting in September 2020.
2.Our Oasis Retreat day will go ahead on Wednesday 3 July at Vaughan Park, Long Bay (9.00am-3.00pm),... >> read more

Youth Delegates for Auckland Synod

Do you have issues/concerns that you would like to bring to the attention of our wider Anglican body, the Diocese of Auckland?  Do you want to participate in the decision making body of our Anglican church in Auckland? If you’re also between 16-25 years and an active member of your youth group and/or church, this opportunity could be for you!
Synod is the 'governing body' of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland. It is attended by all the licensed clergy of our Anglican churches and 1-3... >> read more

Our New World

We are sitting on the boundary of our old world and our new world, and I can’t help but think of the parallels with the children of Israel as they faced crossing the river Jordan after a long sojourn in the desert. As they stood on the banks of the river, some were afraid, others were nostalgic for the old ways and wanted to turn back, but fortunately enough had the courage to go forward into the unknown. We have the opportunity to ‘reset’ our lives and our world as we emerge from our... >> read more

Support for youth leaders

Wow! That all happened so fast didn't it? Who would have guessed we would be here a couple of weeks ago. Yet here we are in lock down, living and working at home.  We're all trying to figure out how to lead our youth groups in this new world. Some people have been working extra on this and we've shared their advice in our "Resources" section.  As an AYM team, we are committed to offering as much support as we can so please don't hesitate to contact us, we will welcome the conversation as we... >> read more

E-Fest 2020 update

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak and following much consideration we have decided we are unable to run E -Fest this year. This is very disappointing for us all, however we are resolved to finding new ways to share the transformative message of the risen Christ this Easter and in the future. We want to encourage you in your youth groups to make the most of Easter and stay connected in your communities. Keep your eyes pealed for posts coming up to help you with that. We are in the process of... >> read more

Coronavirus Precautions

Here are a couple of precautions relevant to youth groups:

Find new ways of greeting each other, use something different to handshakes.
Provide hand sanitiser at the beginning of youth group and encourage youth to wash their hands often (especially if they are eating/preparing food) and for 20 secs.
Check with your Vicar about any changes to the way you 'pass the peace' or receive communion ( i.e. dipping the wafer in the wine is strongly discouraged by the... >> read more

Hellos & Goodbyes

Our year has got off to a great start with our Youth Leaders Retreat at Mangawhai Heads. Although our 'to do' lists are humongous at the start of the year, time spent with Jesus is never wasted. Mike Yaconelli, the co-founder of Youth Specialties said, "Youth ministry is not about you and teenagers; youth ministry is about you and Jesus". In other words, the heart and soul of youth ministry begins in the heart and soul of youth leaders.

As we begin this year we are saying... >> read more