Safety Resources

New Books on Mental Health for Teens

Written by Jazz Thornton who is a young Kiwi, 25 years old, on a mission to change the stigma and approach of mental health in New Zealand and the world. Jazz, tried to take her life multiple times as a teenager and now campaigns and helps others overcome.

Her book ‘Stop Surviving, Start Fighting’ is a must read for anyone in Youth Work to understand what NZ school culture is like and to understand the thinking behind anyone you know struggling with mental health and how to... >> read more

Police Checks

The NZ Police have added a new section to their police check request process called “Evidence of Identity”. A second form of identity (e.g. passport, original birth certificate) is required in addition to the Driver’s license or Community services card. The agency that is requesting the check also need to sight the two ID documents and sign a document saying that they are satisfied with the correctness of the Applicant’s identity. The Diocese is happy with ‘a trusted representative’... >> read more

AYM transport guidelines

It is essential that when we are providing transport for young people we do it safely and competently - their lives are valuable! We also have a great opportunity to be modelling safe driving practises to young drivers.

Here's an example transport permission slip that you could use for your next youth event: AYM transport guidelines

Some suggestions of guidelines for safe driving:

Drivers must hold a full NZ drivers licence, be 20 years or older, and... >> read more

AYM Risk assessment and management

We want our youth ministry programmes to be safe – not only for our youth, but also for those who volunteer and work with them. This means that as youth ministers we need to be aware of risks and have strategies in place to deal with them. Here's an example of a RAM form that you could use for your next youth event: AYM RAM, as well as a document explaining how to fill it out: AYM Risk Assessment And Management

>> read more

Child and Youth Safety in the Diocese

AYM aims to promote and facilitate safe conduct amongst youth workers when working with the young people of Auckland. Below are some diocesan resources:

ABC Safety Guidelines 2004

Child Safe Motion >> read more