Grace Collective

7.00pm Wednesday 27 February 2019

Location: Selwyn Library, 10 St Stephens Ave, Parnell, Auckland

The Grace Collective is back this year with a 3 part series with the Rev. Dr. Mark Harris. The series addresses key things about Christian belief and practice that put people off following Jesus, and asks questions like: how do we not put people off? Are there other ways of looking at these things, or of behaving, that we are more helpful and more faithful to Jesus?  Each event will invite people to sit with their churches or jump in with another, and consider how these questions could be answered in real ways in their local context. Part 1 addresses the topic of Hell and is on the 27th of Feb at the Selwyn Library (10 St Stephen’s Ave), part 2 covers Homosexuality, and part 3 – The supernatural. These three issues among many others, were identified by a nationwide study commissioned by The Wilberforce Foundation, on faith and belief in New Zealand. Come along, and bring your mates. Ages 18-30