The Hub-Youth Leaders Training

23 May 2020

Ministry throws up all sorts of challenges and joys, even more so in times of upheaval.  Youth Pastors, youth leaders, champions of young people, let’s set aside some quality time to develop and grow our ministry.
We are planning to explore the 9 core competencies of youth work in Aotearoa,   These core competencies have been identified as the building blocks of youth work by the sector nationally.  Over two hours we will introduce you to each competency and share stories of what they look like in practice.  The workshop will be led by Zara Maslin (Korowai Tupu Manager), Steph Brook (Anglican Youth Pastor) and Lorna Gray (National Youth Facilitator for our Anglican Church).

We want to encourage those of you who are youth pastors in paid work, or volunteers aiming to get into youth work or youth ministry, to become professional members of Ara Taiohi.  Please contact us beforehand if you are interested and we will assist you start your application as well as scheduling some time to connect with Korowai Tupu assessors.  AYM will contribute to the costs and you and your church get all the benefits!

To register or for more info email by 20 May.