Youth Leaders Hub – Creating Healthy Relationships

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12:00pm - 5:00pm Sunday 15 November 2020

Location: St George's, 19 Ranfurly Rd, Epsom

Cost: $10 (per person)

We want to be the best youth leaders we can be, and create safe environments for our young people. We know that young people are navigating a difficult world when it comes to sex, so understanding it ourselves and how to talk about it is really important as significant people in the lives of young people. A big part of that is understanding sexual violence prevention and consent.

This training will cover topics including: the legal definition and ramifications of sexual consent; how rigid gender roles and expectations sustain rape culture, and the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Participants will leave the training with a greater understanding of consent and sexual violence, and will therefore handle disclosures of violence, and confront harmful behaviour with confidence.

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Our Presenter: Jordan Sandford
Jordan is the Director of Buildup Youth Development, and has been working with victims and perpetrators of family violence and sexual violence for the past five years. He has worked in sexual violence prevention education, crisis response and alongside Oranga Tamariki with Youth Justice and Care and Protection cases. As a youth minister himself, he is passionate about equipping communities of faith to better support their leaders and young people to lead violence-free lives and ministries.

Session One: Sexual Consent

Participants will gain an understanding of the legal framework of consent; what it is, why it’s important, when someone cannot give consent, the legal procedures following reports of non-consensual sex, and our role within that process.

Session Two: Gender, Sexuality and Rape Culture

Participants will be able to identify the effects of gender role stereotypes on individuals and its role in sustaining sexual violence and domestic violence in our communities. This knowledge will support us in ensuring that our ministries are violence-free spaces.

Session Three: Dynamics of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Participants will be able to identify and name abusive and controlling behaviour, and will recognise the importance of getting help for victims of, and people with harmful behaviour.