Who in your life challenges you?

Yesterday I filmed a video with Bishop Ross which will be released next week, and in that he prayed for the victims of the Orlando shooting, with humility, pain, deep emotion, lament and hope. That tragedy calls us to our knees in prayer, and to our feet in love to go and be with those who mourn. The Bishop’s love challenges me to love Jesus more, to love more like Him, to turn to God on my knees, and to be his hands and feet.  Who in your life challenges you to become more like your king, saviour, and friend, Jesus? Who in your life might you need to sit with in their despair and brokenness regarding tragedies like the Orlando nightclub shooting? Worthwhile questions at a time like this. For me today it was the Bishop. For you it might be your parents, your friends, your youth pastor…perhaps you might like to meet up with them, and pray together for what is on your heart today.

Jeremy, for the AYM Team

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