Youth Delegates for Auckland Synod

Do you have issues/concerns that you would like to bring to the attention of our wider Anglican body, the Diocese of Auckland?  Do you want to participate in the decision making body of our Anglican church in Auckland? If you’re also between 16-25 years and an active member of your youth group and/or church, this opportunity could be for you!

Synod is the ‘governing body’ of the Anglican Diocese of Auckland. It is attended by all the licensed clergy of our Anglican churches and 1-3 elected lay representatives for each church in the diocese (voted at their AGM’s). It Auckland it is a large body of around 250 people and it meets once a year to:

– decide MATTERS OF POLICY for the Diocese
– express the MIND OF THE CHURCH on specific matters
– consider the REPORTS AND ACCOUNTS of the many Diocesan bodies

If you are interested in being a youth delegate please:
a. Have a chat to your youth leader and/or Vicar.
b. Make sure you can meet the requirements of being a delegate (see below).
c. Complete the online application form (which will form the basis of your bio to be sent to voting youth groups).

We can send a total of 6 youth delegates to Synod.  We have 2-3 free spots this year as some of the youth delegates from 2019 will returning. The free spots are for a term of 2-3 years.  Our Youth Hui Statute requires youth delegates to be baptised members of our Anglican Church.  Youth delegates are elected by youth groups in the diocese and due to the constraints on meeting at the moment we will be holding those elections online. We will make available the profiles of each candidate to each youth group. Each youth group votes as one person so that there is equal representation from each church in our diocese (just like there is at Synod).

Being a youth delegate involves committing to:

1) Attending the whole of synod*
2) Attending a pre-synod meeting with the Youth Facilitator and other delegates
3) Reporting back to the youth of the diocese and your church about synod
4) Engaging with youth/young adults outside of your own church in the wider diocese

*SYNOD 2020 is in session from:

6.00pm – 9.00pm Thursday 3 September
8.30am – 5.30pm Friday 4 September
8.30am  -3.30pm Saturday 5 September

It will meeting at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau.

If you have any questions, Facebook message or call Karen Spoelstra (021 388 811).

Register to be a youth delegate here!