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Connecting with Teenagers Seminar Guide

It’s important to realise that teenagers aren’t just vital for the church’s future, teenagers are vital for the church’s present.  We need people of every generation joining together in fellowship and worship, because when that happens we see a fuller expression of the God who is present with every generation.  This resource will encourage, challenge and instruct you in the goal of offering the gift that every teengager wants and needs, whether they know it or not – the gift of connection. This seminar guide comes with a PowerPoint presentation and video.  This guide is available for you to download or if you are part of the Diocese of Auckland email for a printed copy.

1. Leaders Guide: ConnectingwithTeensSeminarGuide

2. PowerPoint: Connecting with Teenagers Slides Final Copy 1 – Copy

3. Youtube Video (we recommend you embed this in your PowerPoint)

N.B: instructions for how to embed a video can be found here.