Future Auckland wide youth events

As we need to be a Level One to hold any Auckland wide combined youth group events, we have made the following decisions:

We are postponing our combined youth worship service which was scheduled for Friday 24 September to term 4, as it's unlikely we will be at Level 1 in September. Covid levels permitting we're looking at Friday 29 October.
We're cancelling our Junior Camp altogether.  We were not able to find a free campsite on a later weekend in October and our... >> read more

Youth Pastor Vacancies

Currently in our diocese there are 3 youth pastor job vacancies!
St. Michaels, Henderson - the awesome team at St. Michaels, Henderson are looking for a new Youth Pastor! The role is 10 hours a week. If you're interested or know of someone who'd be great, please email their Vicar, Nyasha at
St Paul's, Symonds Street needs someone who can build and grow their Intermediate ministry, who is organized and able to lead their volunteers. This is a paid position up... >> read more

National Youth Leaders Conference

“The Abbey” (20-22 August)  is one of those liminal moments in the year where we meet amazing and inspirational youth leaders from around Aotearoa/New Zealand,  if there is any way we can help you and your team get there, please let us know.  We look forward to seeing you at our inter-youth group sporting tournament, Fanatics Cup on the last Friday of term.  Our aim is to have some fun together, a prior knowledge of netball is completely unnecessary. The Plate round is for this purpose... >> read more

BOLD Applications Close Fri 11 June

BOLD is back, with a new coordinator - Thomas Banks! The programme is for senior secondary school students (Years 11,12 & 13) who want to journey with a group of other young people, deepening their relationship with God while developing skills and growing as leaders. BOLD kicks off at AYM's Winter Camp and includes weekend retreats and ministry exchanges within the diocese and beyond. BOLD runs from July 2021 to June 2022.  Applications close on Friday 11 June. Referees will be needed... >> read more

Beginnings and Endings

The year continues at full speed, even post E-Fest, as we enter a season of beginnings and endings. In the coming weeks the absolute legend that is Wendy will be leaving her position with us at AYM and taking up a new role at her home parish as church administrator/families worker. As part of our AYM family, Wendy, with her epic servant hearted nature, gave the team someone who we could all rely on. Her gift of hospitality was evident as she faithfully served us by making her awesome dinners... >> read more

Looking Back at Easter

A couple of back-to-back lockdowns a month before E-Fest presented the directors with the tough decision whether or not to go ahead. A fortnight out, we made the decision to push through and go ahead with a full-length E-Fest, and we're SO happy we did! Through God's provision the team, being much smaller than previous years, puzzled together the final logistics in the hours before the camp, before heading out to Eastern Beach ready and excited for both the leaders and campers to encounter... >> read more

Planning for E-Fest

Planning any event in advance under Covid conditions is challenging.  We want to give campers, parents, and youth leaders some assurances about E-Fest 2021.

Your safety is our top priority. We will only hold overnight camps at Covid Level 1, however we also need to be at least at Level 2 for a couple of weeks before Easter to adequately prepare for Camp.
We will make a final call on Tuesday 23 March.
In addition to safety, one of the key factors in our decision... >> read more

A New Year, Advent and Farewell Jacolize

As the year draws to a close, we're sure everyone is imagining themselves on holiday already!  It's been a tough year. Though in the good times and the bad times, God has been with us in ways we couldn't have foreseen. We're grateful that God has opened our eyes through Covid to different ways to do ministry.  Our relationships have also deepened as we have leaned on each other for support as God has always intended us to do.  This of course is the take-home of our Advent journey, God... >> read more

ReConnect AYM

If you’re like me, you have been busy rescheduling your gatherings for the rest of the year. We’re onto plan C for E-Fest and it’s a beauty! Rather than an E-Fest style camp, which has become increasingly unaffordable for many of our families in 2020, we’re planning a big day out on the Saturday of Labour weekend. Our normal venue, Willowpark Campsite & Conference centre have come to the party and given us a massive discount, which has reduced the cost to $20 pp for a full day of... >> read more

The Abbey Workshops

The amazing team for the Abbey are releasing the workshops from their zoom session "The Abbey: Big Ideas." They dissect all sorts of topics: mental health, social media, sex, bible reading and more! Check out their facebook page for the workshops, the first one available is Spanky Moore's session on The Stones In Our Soil, looking at Kiwi culture and our barriers to mission, with more to come in the following days. >> read more