New Books on Mental Health for Teens

Written by Jazz Thornton who is a young Kiwi, 25 years old, on a mission to change the stigma and approach of mental health in New Zealand and the world. Jazz, tried to take her life multiple times as a teenager and now campaigns and helps others overcome.

Her book ‘Stop Surviving, Start Fighting’ is a must read for anyone in Youth Work to understand what NZ school culture is like and to understand the thinking behind anyone you know struggling with mental health and how to... >> read more

AYM Wallplanner 2021

We have a soft copy of our AYM calendar for 2021 available for you and your ministry teams, as you plan and shape what next year looks like. It has all our events on it, along with other significant dates. The hard copies will be posted to your churches in the new year.  If you do not receive a copy, please email for one to be posted to you. Below is a downloadable PDF of the calendar.

AYM Wallplanner 2021 >> read more

Kainnan Book Series

Looking for your next series to invest into? Check out the Kainnan series. Kainnan is an epic urban Christian fantasy series, written by Belinda Stott, one of the amazing presenters at Soul Tour. The nine books follow a group of young adults who embark on the adventure of a lifetime as they find themselves in the dangerous world of Kainnan. Check out Belinda's website here, where you can find all nine books in her series or contact aym to borrow a copy of one of the books from our office. >> read more

Diocese Development Fund

The Diocese Development Fund is for ministry units and mission ventures with a planed development project. Any ministry unit or mission venture can apply for funds for new developments that are closely connected to the mission and ministry of local ministry units. These are projects that reach new people, new locations or new generations; employ innovative methods of mission and ministry; or develop leaders. Applications can be submitted either by completing the manual form or the online form.... >> read more

Tindall Foundation

Applications for the 2020 Tindall Foundation grants are open for new initiatives that make a difference in local communities. Ministry units need to apply through the Auckland Diocese by Monday 7 September. For more information click here or email Wendy Leitch. Apply here and send your completed application form to Wendy. >> read more

New ways of doing “Youth Group”

As you try and navigate how to be a youth communities in our new context, we want to recommend to you three websites. Our thanks to our friends from other dioceses and denominations for being so onto it.
1. Nelson  Anglicans have posted a useful article that explains how to run an online youth group, providing ideas for how to set up, play games and pray together along with other little tips and examples. Click here to check it out!
2.  Presbyterian Youth Ministries (PYM) offer... >> read more

Mental Health Resources

It is so important when journeying with your youth to be aware and supportive of their mental health. Our national Anglican resource website, Resourced, has collated a bunch of useful contacts and organisations, that are helpful if you are walking with a young person who is struggling with their mental health. Check them out here. >> read more

AYM – Intro to Youth Ministry

Take a look at AYM's updated 'Introduction to Youth Ministry' resource. This is a great resource for youth coordinators and gives an introduction to many of the essentials for working with you people, such as:
• Building a Team - pastoral care, policies, tips, and examples for a team of volunteers
• Keeping Your Young People safe - RAMS forms, permission forms, policies, and what to do when things go wrong
• Looking After Yourself - regular meetings with your Vicar,... >> read more

Curriculum Resources

We have some amazing resources that could help with planning for your youth group in 2020 . We have all of these resources in our office for you to borrow as well as a summary of them available here!

Curriculum published by Sparkhouse Media:

re:form core: Empower youth to explore faith and ask questions about the Bible, the Apostles’ Creed, disciples, Jesus, and hot topics.
re:form ancestors: Discover how similar we are to our faith ancestors from the Old... >> read more

Advent Resources

The season of Advent is upon us! We have a couple of resources based around Advent and The Nativity Story for your youth group to explore.

The AYM YouTube channel has two playlists about Christmas; the Advent playlist (with videos explaining what the season of advent is, through spoken words and other inspiring videos) and the Nativity playlist (containing videos exploring the story of Jesus' birth).
Check out our Pintrest page for multiple activities to get your... >> read more