Equipment Resources


AYM has 10 high quality black rectangle tablecloths that are available for youth groups to borrow for events and parties etc. Email or pop into the office to book them. >> read more


AYM has a lot of multicoloured bunting available for youth groups to borrow! If you are having a celebration, party, event or just want to jazz up your youth room for a week or two, pop into the office (or email ) to have a look at what we've got.  >> read more

DSLR Camera

We have DSLR canon digital camera available for use by youth groups. The kit includes the camera body, lenses, battery charger and a case. Email to book or pop into the office. >> read more

Nerf Guns

AYM has a set of nerf guns for loaning out to youth groups! Perfect for run-around games or social nights. Email or pop in to the office to find out when they're available next. >> read more

Dome Tents

AYM has 8 dome tents for lending out to youth groups. These tents are small (1-3 people) and we typically use them for prayer tents/stations at our youth camps. If you would like to use these for your next event, email . >> read more

Fairy Lights

AYM has heaps of fairy lights that we use at our events, but sit around in the office unused when we don't need them! So if you are running an event for your youth group and would like to borrow some fairy lights for added instagramability, email or pop into the office to borrow them. (We have normal and curtain fairy lights!) >> read more