Mental Health Resources

It is so important when journeying with your youth to be aware and supportive of their mental health. Our national Anglican resource website, Resourced, has collated a bunch of useful contacts and organisations, that are helpful if you are walking with a young person who is struggling with their mental health. Check them out here. >> read more

AYM – Intro to Youth Ministry

Take a look at AYM's updated 'Introduction to Youth Ministry' resource. This is a great resource for youth coordinators and gives an introduction to many of the essentials for working with you people, such as:
• Building a Team - pastoral care, policies, tips, and examples for a team of volunteers
• Keeping Your Young People safe - RAMS forms, permission forms, policies, and what to do when things go wrong
• Looking After Yourself - regular meetings with your Vicar,... >> read more

Curriculum Resources

We have some amazing resources that could help with planning for your youth group in 2020 . We have all of these resources in our office for you to borrow as well as a summary of them available here!

Curriculum published by Sparkhouse Media:

re:form core: Empower youth to explore faith and ask questions about the Bible, the Apostles’ Creed, disciples, Jesus, and hot topics.
re:form ancestors: Discover how similar we are to our faith ancestors from the Old... >> read more

Advent Resources

The season of Advent is upon us! We have a couple of resources based around Advent and The Nativity Story for your youth group to explore.

The AYM YouTube channel has two playlists about Christmas; the Advent playlist (with videos explaining what the season of advent is, through spoken words and other inspiring videos) and the Nativity playlist (containing videos exploring the story of Jesus' birth).
Check out our Pintrest page for multiple activities to get your... >> read more

Code of Ethics

It is so important that when working with youth you are able to provide a safe environment for them. The Code of Ethics supplies an agreed set of guidelines for youth work in Aotearoa to ensure that youth work is carried out in a safe, skilled and ethical manner.

It is designed for youth workers but is relevant to all individuals working with young people and provides guidance to keep workers and the young people they work with safe. You can view the online version of the... >> read more

The Faith Project

Resourced have launched the latest version of The Faith Project, an exciting and challenging youth initiative. It takes young people on a 2 year journey to grow their christian faith. It is centred around the 5 marks of mission, with teenagers completing projects for each mark. The Faith Project is highly adaptable, suiting a wide range of young people and contexts. For more information click here! >> read more

Simkin House Fund

Applications are now open for the Simkin House Fund!

This fund exists to support 'grass roots' youth ministry projects in the Anglican Diocese of Auckland. It is distributed once a year late in October. The trust will fund up to 50% of any project and will give priority to events (i.e. camps, retreats, and training) directly targeting teenagers.

The total funds for distribution are normally between $2500 – 3000 (they are dependent on the interest earned by the Fund).... >> read more

Gap Year Options

NZCMS Better World Gap Year
Better World is a radical social justice experience where we will take a group of young people on a 10 month journey across 3 countries and dig deep into 4 areas of social justice; Urban Poverty, Ethical Consumption, Climate Change, and Refugee and Migration Issues. Head here for more information or you can contact the Better World team here.

St Johns Te Ruinga Programme
Te Ruinga is a one year discipleship programme for Young Anglicans (18-25)... >> read more

Helping Young People Process the Christchurch Tragedy

What a week it has been for New Zealand! Firstly, from our team at AYM, we want to express our heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the attack in Christchurch last Friday. We have been so encouraged to see and hear of the many ways your Churches and Youth Groups have been remembering, praying for and standing with our Muslim neighbours during this time. We are also grateful to our National Youth Leaders for putting together this great guide to Helping Young People Process the... >> read more


NUA is a new resource from Scripture Union that is all about exploring the Christian faith. The 8 session film series encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith. NUA is ideal in an educational setting, church/parish, youth group, or with friends. The films are made to be engaged with and picked apart. For more information head over to the scripture union website. If you are interested in borrowing this resource contact aym. 

>> read more