Youth Hui

12.30pm for lunch Sunday 30 May - 5.00pm Sunday 30 May 2021

Location: TBC

Starting with lunch our Youth Hui will be a combination of good food, inspiration from God’s word, workshops for youth leaders and young adults, and an election for our two new youth delegates to Synod.  Our current youth delegates will be also be reporting back.

We will be using an online application process (the link will be up on 7 May) for Nominees so that we can share relevant details prior to the election, nominees need to be over 16 years and ideally under 25 years.  Please encourage your young people and young adults to participate in the afternoon, churches are welcome to send a team however it’s important to remember our election operates under the principle of one Ministry Unit or School, one vote (so you’ll need to put your heads together and agree on who you want to vote for).

Being a youth delegate involves committing to:

1) Attending the whole of synod

2) Attending a pre-synod meeting with the Youth Facilitator and other delegates

3) Reporting back to the youth of the diocese (through an AYM gathering) and your church about synod

4) Engaging with youth and youth groups in the wider diocese in order to gain a broader perspective on issues facing synod

If you have any questions, Facebook message or call Karen Spoelstra 021 388 811

RSVP (please include any dietary requirements)