Library Resources

New to AYM – TalkSheets

TALKSHEETS resources for ages 11-18 from the USA. 'Epic Old Testament Stories' and 'On The New Testatment'. Email us or pop into the office to have a closer look or borrow for you youth group! >> read more

Curriculum Resources

Starting back with your youth group for 2020 and looking for curriculum's? AYM has you covered. All these resources take your youth through the big picture of the bible story:

CONNECT (10 units, 6 sessions per unit, looking at how the stories in the bible connect together)
Ancestors (2 sets, covering the Old and New Testaments)
RE:Form (Empower youth to explore faith and ask questions about the bible)
"Echo the Story" (12 sessions including DVD,... >> read more

Take The Lead: Leaders Need To P

Focusing on the heart of leadership, Take the Lead: Leaders Need To P is a training resource to start your teenagers on their Christian leadership journey. The second in the series, this resource is the next step in training older teenagers that have a leadership role.

The course covers four 'P's of leadership:

- Leaders Need to Pray

- Leaders Need to Prepare

- Leaders Need to Persevere

- Leaders Need to Play

If you... >> read more

Take the Lead: Leaders have ‘i’s

This deceptively simple guide is the distilled wisdom of thousands of youth ministry hours. Focusing on the heart of leadership, 'Take the Lead' is a great place to start your teenagers on their 'leadership journey'.

In this training resource we focus on the four 'i's of leadership: "Influence, Integrity, Initiative and Imagination". The Leaders Guide and Participants Workbook contain everything you need to run your own leadership training. Recognizing that teenagers learn best... >> read more