Beginnings and Endings

The year continues at full speed, even post E-Fest, as we enter a season of beginnings and endings. In the coming weeks the absolute legend that is Wendy will be leaving her position with us at AYM and taking up a new role at her home parish as church administrator/families worker. As part of our AYM family, Wendy, with her epic servant hearted nature, gave the team someone who we could all rely on. Her gift of hospitality was evident as she faithfully served us by making her awesome dinners and lunches. At E-Fest, Steph said in response to this ” it’s like she doesn’t just fill our stomachs but our souls too” and I think that beautifully sums up the person Wendy is. We look forward to seeing what you get up to on your new adventure!

Alongside this, Thomas is SO excited to be starting in his new role as BOLD Coordinator. This role gives him the most perfect space to apply what he is so passionate about, developing people and seeing them grow in faith. See the BOLD page for more info.