Future Auckland wide youth events

As we need to be a Level One to hold any Auckland wide combined youth group events, we have made the following decisions:

  • We are postponing our combined youth worship service which was scheduled for Friday 24 September to term 4, as it’s unlikely we will be at Level 1 in September. Covid levels permitting we’re looking at Friday 29 October.
  • We’re cancelling our Junior Camp altogether.  We were not able to find a free campsite on a later weekend in October and our leaders will not be available in November due to University and School exams.
  • Due to the postponement of the NCEA exams (now 22 Nov until 14 Dec) we are cancelling our second Fanatics Cup which was scheduled for Friday 26 November. We think that you will be keen to spend the time meeting face-to-face with your own youth groups, so just the one combined youth group event (Youth Worship) in term 4 feels right.