Looking Back at Easter

A couple of back-to-back lockdowns a month before E-Fest presented the directors with the tough decision whether or not to go ahead. A fortnight out, we made the decision to push through and go ahead with a full-length E-Fest, and we’re SO happy we did! Through God’s provision the team, being much smaller than previous years, puzzled together the final logistics in the hours before the camp, before heading out to Eastern Beach ready and excited for both the leaders and campers to encounter God. The culmination of our leaders hard work came together in our final evening where, guided by the fantastic Keri-Ann as our speaker, invited our young people forward to accept Jesus for the first time. In response, a flurry of people jumped off their seats and made their way forward. Prayer ministry lasted for what seemed like an age (the band had got through ALL of their previously prepared songs!!) before we headed outside to our camp fire. God’s presence was evident as our young people made the greatest decision they’ll ever make. It was awesome to see. That is why we do what we do; to lead people to Christ and into His presence.

Thank you for your prayers,

From Thomas and the AYM Team,