Planning for E-Fest

Planning any event in advance under Covid conditions is challenging.  We want to give campers, parents, and youth leaders some assurances about E-Fest 2021.

  1. Your safety is our top priority. We will only hold overnight camps at Covid Level 1, however we also need to be at least at Level 2 for a couple of weeks before Easter to adequately prepare for Camp.
  2. We will make a final call on Tuesday 23 March.
  3. In addition to safety, one of the key factors in our decision will be the number of campers and leaders who have registered. We are aware finances might be tight for some so we have expanded the pool of subsidies that you can apply for.
  4. If camp is cancelled, we will provide a full refund. It is possible we may still incur a large invoice from the campsite, in which case we will ask for a small donation from you to help cover those costs (entirely voluntary)
  5. Our first choice is to run E-Fest, however if that is not possible, we are exploring some options such as a shorter camp over a weekend or a one day event like ReConnect.