New ways of doing “Youth Group”

As you try and navigate how to be a youth communities in our new context, we want to recommend to you three websites. Our thanks to our friends from other dioceses and denominations for being so onto it.
1. Nelson  Anglicans have posted a useful article that explains how to run an online youth group, providing ideas for how to set up, play games and pray together along with other little tips and examples. Click here to check it out!
2.  Presbyterian Youth Ministries (PYM) offer tips on how to do youth group online, along with how we can be there for our young people, what we can do to help them navigate and cope through the pandemic. Check it out here!
3. Our national youth facilitator Lorna Grey has recommended this video chatting app VOKE, designed for running youth group online.  They provide the content and the platform for one-on-one or small group participation. You can download the app here for apple and android