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Curriculum Resources

Starting back with your youth group for 2020 and looking for curriculum's? AYM has you covered. All these resources take your youth through the big picture of the bible story:

CONNECT (10 units, 6 sessions per unit, looking at how the stories in the bible connect together)
Ancestors (2 sets, covering the Old and New Testaments)
RE:Form (Empower youth to explore faith and ask questions about the bible)
"Echo the Story" (12 sessions including DVD,... >> read more

Helping our youth engage with the bible

Increasingly Christian young people of today are saying that the Bible is not on their radar. It’s not something they even consider…yet as Christians we believe that the Bible is what sustains us, and that it’s the primary way through which God chooses to communicate with his people. How can we help our young people engage with scripture and see its relevance to their lives today?

The Bible Society is producing some great resources in this area. One that I’ve come across... >> read more