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How do you transition kids into youth group? How do you transition youth into young adults ministry?

A new year is beginning. We find ourselves hoping and praying that as term one begins, the new kids will just rock on up to youth group or turn up at our small group. We hope that it will just happen.

Sorry, but it won’t.

Young people don’t just transition themselves into a new group. Why not? Because it’s scary! In fact, no matter how old we are,... >> read more

Take the Lead: Leaders have ‘i’s

This deceptively simple guide is the distilled wisdom of thousands of youth ministry hours. Focusing on the heart of leadership, 'Take the Lead' is a great place to start your teenagers on their 'leadership journey'.

In this training resource we focus on the four 'i's of leadership: "Influence, Integrity, Initiative and Imagination". The Leaders Guide and Participants Workbook contain everything you need to run your own leadership training. Recognizing that teenagers learn best... >> read more

AYM Leaders Group High Tea

Our first gathering as a group will be ‘High Tea’ at Karen’s place on Sunday 28 July. We have 5+ young adult leaders ready to get started, meet each other and decide which churches/ministries we’d like to visit in the next 12 months. We’ll also take the opportunity to visit an evening service together afterwards.

If you would like to benefit from this experience or would like to recommend someone, please contact Karen before 12 July. Being part of the group will give you... >> read more

How to: make it through day 1

Understanding the culture of your church and the wider community
A simple definition - culture: the word culture has been defined as “the predominating attitudes that characterize the functioning of a group or organization. Every church has words, beliefs, customs and traditions which have been adopted by a group of people. Every church & community has a culture.

In my view one of the most important tasks to embark on, is to understand the culture of the church and... >> read more

How to: lead youth in prayer

Prayer is one of the foundational practices of the Christian faith. Praying with a group of other believers is one type of prayer that can bring great blessing and encouragement to everyone involved.

Some main barriers to ‘group prayer’ are:
Shyness: many people are very shy when it comes to praying out loud in front of others, regardless of whether they have an outgoing personality. They feel they are not ‘good at praying’, they are afraid they will say the wrong... >> read more

How to: lead a small group

This resource is part of a “how to” series that was designed to assist youth ministers in their ministry to young people. We have conducted interviews with experienced youth workers on a variety of subjects. These interviews can be found here. The interviews are short (each interview is less then 12mins in length), and practical. Each interview is accompanied by a written contribution. The written contributions are not long in length – they are easy to read and designed... >> read more